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Blast chiller in patisserie: an essential element

Four reasons why it should not be missing in the laboratory

The blast chiller is now a mainstay in modern pastry laboratories, an element that has revolutionised the production and preservation of sweets. This state-of-the-art, constantly evolving instrument represents the beating heart of a process aimed at guaranteeing the freshness, structure and authentic taste of confectionery products.

Its introduction has meant more than just a technological innovation: it has radically transformed the approach to dessert preparation, opening the door to new possibilities and streamlined workflows.

And it’s not just about speed. The blast chiller is now the precious guardian of quality, efficiency and creativity for forward-looking pastry chefs.

Preserving structure and consistency

The blast chiller makes it possible to quickly reduce the temperature of food: 90 minutes for positive blast chilling (down to +3°C) and less than 240 minutes for negative blast chilling (freezing down to -18°C). In this way, the water contained in the food does not damage the molecules: only micro-crystals are formed, which do not alter the structure.

Not only that: the blast chiller preserves the humidity inside the product, thus maintaining softness and texture, even in very delicate foods such as creams or sponge cakes. The result will always be optimal, without loss of liquid and fragrance.

Ensuring healthiness

As we have already explained in this article, blast chilling is crucial to prevent bacterial growth in cooked and raw food. The speed of chilling ensures food safety and makes it possible to extend the life of semi-finished and finished products without compromising their wholesomeness.

Optimising production processes

In the past it was unthinkable to cool freshly baked products quickly, now this is possible thanks to blast freezing.

By integrating blast freezing into the production process, it is possible to better plan production processes, while at the same time ensuring greater flexibility and more punctual laboratory space management.

Working ‘off-season’

As mentioned above, using the blast chiller allows a longer shelf life for products including the raw ingredients used. Take fruit, for example: through deep-freezing, the pastry chef can choose the best strawberries in spring, the tastiest figs in summer or the juiciest oranges in winter, and use them months later. This way he will always be sure to use genuine products, while saving on procurement costs.

The blast chiller is an indispensable companion for modern confectioners, who can develop innovative and targeted production processes around it. Reduced waiting times and more room for creativity

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